Study time APA 1920s APAGeoffrey, Barbara and Blair all headed across the ditch in October to attend the Australian Physiotherapy Association conference in Sydney. It was great to be there with Shelley from Newington Physio at Mercy Hospital, as well as Denise and Mark from Rotorua, so in between the very hectic 3 day schedule, we had lots of fun catch ups. It was another very stimulating conference, and having about 15 different streams concurrently, meant there was always something fascinating to learn. For Blair it was a return to his old stamping ground and getting reacquainted with the hectic traffic – which on the first rainy morning for 2.5months was not so pleasant. We are thrilled that Otago is his preferred location and despite some hairy encounters on the roads here at times, it is nothing like that very hectic, fast moving city traffic. We were lucky to find an Airbnb near the venue, so Geoffrey, Denise and I were able to just walk 5 minutes and be at the conference – making it very handy for before and after events each day – including our fun 1920’s night on the top of the Convention Centre – very handy being able to take a carry on bag of gear to wear from Fairies, Wizards and Gifts over with us too! Lots of fun.