Blair has also been at a wonderful course in November learning more acupuncture skills. Prior to this weekend, Geoffrey has been our sole acupuncturist since Clare left the clinic, so it is great to have Blair able to utilise this wonderful modality to great effect on his patients now too. The course was taken by two very impressive NZ physios from Auckland and Central Otago, and they created a very stimulating learning environment, with lots of great ideas combining other treatment methods that physios utilise alongside acupuncture, so Blair is just fizzing about all this and sharing it with us.

We are having our annual Otago Acupuncture Case Study Presentations at the clinic in November – this is a great evening for all the local Registered Physiotherapy Acupuncturists from Oamaru south to attend and share wisdom about various techniques, with each presenting a case of special interest. Usually around 15 Physios attend and share their learnings with colleagues, then everyone discusses the findings and this stimulates discussion which further enhances skill level.